Feeling what’s inside of me ain’t an easy job to do.
I’m coming all around me again.
What I wanna do and what I’m really doing, this is tiring; like really.
I wanna be able to feel what I need and yet to do that, just to do, what I meant to do.
But the thing I could do is to stay alone……..with my shitty brain and decide what’s gonna happen and watch it not happening.

Which way to take or when to not do. However, you should know what’s gonna keep you floating, here is you. Meaning that your inner self must try to do whatever it does take to get it done. Do you wanna get in with me? Go through all the way, learning process as I call it. I’m pissing myself one mere chance that’s not gonna be kept I know I cause this only me. Let’s just try to keep things light and breezy.
Not stopping deliberately cause this is how I live, what I live for, where my blood comes from. I just can’t do stop it. Till making somebody ………. That’s gonna be when I do stop. I wanna feel so dependent on …………… who I can put my life risk at.

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3 months ago

Sometimes its very difficult to feel and know what is happening around you